Tiki Pineapple Glass

In 1933, inspired by a trip to the South Pacific, Ernest Gantt opened a Polynesian-themed bar in Hollywood. The original “Don the Beachcomber” soon became famous for serving colourful and potent cocktails, starting a trend that spread across the restaurant industry in the USA.


Although by the ’70s this trend had gone from kitschy to tacky, the Tiki culture is back to the cocktail scene. It’s back in a colourful way or more classy as done by Wouter Bosch in The Duchess in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (see picture).  Best known for rum drinks, Tiki glasses are perfect to recreate classic tequila based cocktails too. Tiki and tequila are both alive & kicking. And now with Libby’s Pineapple glass, Tiki is here to stay!


53CL – 17 OZ

Height 140mm – Diameter 80mm