Dress your drinks to impress

A great glass makes a drink stand out, probably even better than a great garnish. With the LAB/Pharmacy glassware theme you will instantly give your bar, menu, cocktails or mixers another dimension. Bartenders won’t find it hard to be creative and easily give their drinks The “wow” or “look at that” factor the guests are expecting.

Nice to know:

Around 1830 the New Orleans pharmacist Antoine Amedee Peychaud, already used specific glassware for his drinks in his pharmacy. He called his signature drink the Sazerac. It was made with Cognac and his own “Peychaud’s bitter” and was served in a drinking vessel called a “coquetier”, French for an eggcup.

Bottle with Stop
500 ML - 16.75 OZ / h172mm - Ø85mm
250 ML - 8.25 OZ / h140mm - Ø85mm