Hobstar Coupe Glass

In addition to the successful Hobstar range, Libbey introduces the Hobstar coupe. Its classy but sturdy look will create added value to any drink. The Hobstar specific cut glass design dates back to the early twenties. And the coupe even dates back to the 17th century.

The coupe has been used as a champagne glass from Winston Churchill to Napoleon Bonaparte and is still an all-time favourite. The myths surrounding the coupe’s origin is often thought to be based on specific shapes of women’s body. Rumour has it that the shape was inspired on Helen of Troy, or Marie Antoinette or even Madame de Pompadour. In the roaring twenties and later, the coupe was mainly used as the champagne glass of choice. The Hollywood leading ladies, Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren, were frequently photographed holding their beloved coupes.

Back to 2016, the coupe is no longer used only as a champagne glass but as a worthy cocktail glass capable of portraying every drink to its fullest. Now, embedded with the Hobstar design it becomes the one and only preferred glass for every drink. Let’s rise-up again the glamour of the roaring twenties!


25 CL – 8.25 OZ

H 121 mm – Ø 104 mm