Libbey Launches the Tulip Bowl!



The Tulip Bowl, by Robert Schinkel, is the first winning design of the Glassology by Libbey. The highlight of the launch will be at Tales of the Cocktails, New Orleans, where Robert manifested his Glassology success two years ago. 

“The ultimate drinking experience is not a drink that you have by yourself, but a drink that you can share with family and friends”, that is why Robert created his Tulip Bowl.

The shape of his iconic design was inspired by the tulip, which was one of the most expensive items to buy during the 1600’s. Thousands of guilders (Dutch currency) were paid for a single flower, reaching a peak in 1637 when 6000 guilders were paid for the Semper Augustus. At the time that amount of money could buy you a big mansion on the famous Amsterdam canals. So, in the era of the punch the tulip stood for all that is luxury.

“A glass is rarely something you spot straight away once you enter a bar. With the Tulip Bowl I strive to change that. The Tulip Bowl will be the gem of the bar, displayed in all its glory on the bar top. Surrounded by the tulip glasses and elevated by the platter the Tulip Bowl will be the showpiece of the bar.”

This year at Tales of the Cocktail Schinkel’s creation will follow his footsteps and will travel to the US visiting top bars in New York and New Orleans. To follow the “Tulip on tour” search for the hashtags #talesofthetulip and #tulipontour.

Throughout the year the Tulip Bowl will be promoted on several events and bar shows over the whole world. Bartenders that are a member of the Glassology by Libbey Facebook community will be challenged to create a punch in the Tulip glass. Follow Libbey Glass Europe on Facebook | Instagram, become a member of Glassology by Libbey community on Facebook, to be informed about all that is going on. Do not miss it.


The tulip shaped bowl and tulip shaped glasses give the sense of ultimate luxury to share a drink with friends and family. Sharing is caring. This beautiful concept is available as a set containing the handmade bowl and a metal spoon adding the tulip shaped tumblers that come in a Libbey bulk carton of 12, which completes the total presentation.


Bartender, tea sommelier, barista, founder of Pekoe and winner of the 1st edition of the Glassology by Libbey Design Contest.


The Glassology Contest challenges professionals working in the Drinks Industry, to develop, create and offer the ultimate drinking experience for high-level guests. They are given the opportunity to create their ultimate glassware design that will lift a reinvented cocktail, their newest boozy creation or just a cup of coffee to a whole new level. The winner earns global recognition, as the winning glass design is taken into production to be sold all over the globe by Libbey. The winner also has the honor to name the glass, receives 250 pieces of the winning design and is one of the members of the jury in the next Glassology Design Contest. Last but not least the winner also acts as the Glassology ambassador at the renowned Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans.

In 2019 Libbey will continue with the 3rd edition of the Glassology by Libbey Design Contest.

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