• Retro Cocktail Retro Cocktail Revival

    Glassology semi finalist Carole Coelho and Libbey proudly present a collection of decorated glasses, which fit the upcoming nostalgia for the pop era (late ‘70s to early ‘90s). Those decades of craziness and exaggeration seem to bring back old memories across a wide part of the world population. And cocktails are no exception. In those [...] Continue Reading
  • coffee scene Coffee Scene

    "Presentation is important to businesses in the hospitality industry. That is also the reason why we like using glassware when serving coffee to guests" Jeroen Veldkamp, founder of CoffeeLab. Coffee Watcher I get excited about coffee every day. It's not so much the product itself. Some of my colleagues are much more well-versed in that [...] Continue Reading
  • stacks for life Stacks for Life

    Stacks for life Libbey designs glassware for professionals. Glassware enhances the whole experience that surrounds a great drink. Take a cocktail. Do you serve it in a beverage glass or a coupe? Because as we all know, a cocktail is more than just a drink. And its final look-and-feel is a combination of taste, garnish [...] Continue Reading
  • Vintage

    Vintage In the world of cocktails the term vintage is closely related to the prohibition days. The story of the prohibition starts in late 1910’s when the economy in the USA was not doing well. As a result of this a large part of society resorted to drinking, so much so that in 1922 president [...] Continue Reading
  • Tiki is here to stay Tiki is here to stay!

    The true spirit of the Pacific In 1933, inspired by a trip to the South Pacific, Ernest Gantt opened a Polynesian-themed bar in Hollywood. The original “Don the Beachcomber” soon became famous for serving colorful and potent cocktails, starting a craze that spread across the restaurant industry in the USA. Although by the ’70s this [...] Continue Reading
  • Spirits of the pacific Spirits of the Pacific

    Spirits of the Pacific Spirits, garnishes, themes: the pacific is home to trends in all of these fields. By developing glassware and other related items Libbey allows you to offer your guests an escape to this unique and inspiring corner of the world. In addition to a Libbey take on the pacific spirits below be [...] Continue Reading
  • create chemistry with lab Create chemistry with Lab

    Create chemistry with Lab The Libbey LAB series have been engineered to suit multiple trends as well as needs of today’s bar scene. Explore the ways in which LAB allows you to involve your guests and capture their imagination. Multiple items also allow you to create larger servings. Other items allow you to develop your [...] Continue Reading
  • farm-to-shaker Farm-to-shaker

    Farm-to-shaker The Farm-to-Shaker trend is about using fresh and authentic ingredients which play up the luscious flavors of fruit and which complement the rich warmth of spirits. It is a natural extension of fresh, local and seasonal food trends, which have been turning up all over with fresh ingredient inspired cocktails. Seasonal ingredients, themes and [...] Continue Reading