• Glassology by Libbey Design Contest, on the way to the finals

    Six Finalists, six new glass designs, only one will be the winner! After months of researching, sketching and brainstorming, The Glassology design contest ap-proaches its grand finals. In this Global bartender competition it’s not the drink, but the glass as an essential ingredient of the whole drinking experience that is the focal point of the […]

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  • Glassology by Libbey Design Contest Finalists

    MEET THE 6 FINALISTS OF THE GLASSOLOGY BY LIBBEY DESIGN CONTEST! After months of researching, sketching and brainstorming, the Glassology by Libbey design contest approaches its grand finale. The Jury came together to choose the 6 finalists that will be defending their concept at the finals, taking place on the 28th of May during Perfect Serve Bar Show [...] Continue Reading
  • Glassology by Libbey Design Contest Semifinalists

    Glassology by Libbey Design Contest First round completed! 24 semi-finalists were selected! After a registration period of two months, 24 semi-finalists were chosen for the Glassology Design Contest 2018. In this contest, bar professionals from all over the world are given the opportunity to create their new glass concept and get the chance to see [...] Continue Reading
  • Glassology by Libbey Design Contest Launch

    Glassology by Libbey Design Contest, a new dawn for bartending competitionsThe contest that separates the men from the boys is back! After a great 1st edition, starting October 2017 Libbey will promote the 2nd edition of the contest like no other. The Glassology by Libbey Design Contest challenges professionals working in the scene with a [...] Continue Reading
  • Media Package

  • Infinium

    Libbey launches premium plastic drinkware range.  Infinium brings an upscale vibe where plastic is the preferred option.   With the approach of summer, the days of casual outdoor enjoyment are in full swing again. Libbey’s new Infinium range presents a premium plastic solution that is perfect for every occasion where glass is not an option. [...] Continue Reading
  • 1924, new vintage range

    1924, a vintage year for glass design.   The new 1924 Libbey Vintage stemware range fuses jazz-age flair with exciting new cocktail trends. The design is based on Richard Zijlstra’s ingenious Glassology® food pairing concept, which lets you rest a stylish spoon on the rim of the coupe. Richard and Libbey have together modernized the [...] Continue Reading
  • LinQ, stackable range

    LinQ, the stackable standard Libbey introduces new glassware that combines practicality and aesthetic. With the introduction of the LinQ series, Libbey sets a new standard for high-end stackable glasses. Combining a sophisticated, timeless design with practical stackability and durability makes LinQ glasses a perfect choice for a professional hospitality environment. The importance of glassware  Glassware [...] Continue Reading

    Tiki are no longer just summertime drinks. Nowadays, people are enjoying them all year long. Meet Libbey’s new Tiki stars! Tiki Coupe & Tiki Mai Tai Giving a playful theme that dash of sophistication With its exuberant, playful designs, typical tiki glassware can sometimes look out of place in more upscale or conventional settings. But [...] Continue Reading
  • Shorty Shorty

    “Shorty is the glassware range the industry has been dying for; glasses built specifically to accommodate the tapas-style approach. They’re ideal for cocktail-food combinations, flights of drinks and paired servings such as palate cleaners.” Elliot Ball, co-founder The Cocktail Trading Co, London. The Bartender vs The Manager Understanding and loving great glassware are two related, [...] Continue Reading