• Wilson Pires

    “NEVER JUST CREATE, INSPIRE” A Portuguese bartender that has been getting his recognition in the Bar industry -through his creative cocktail presentations, menus designs and the development of full bar concepts. He is part of the Libbey family since we met him in 2014, as the winner of the Portuguese contests “Barman of the Year” [...] Continue Reading
  • Schofield Brothers

    FROM 100 ZOMBIES A DAY TO INTERNATIONAL BARTENDER OF THE YEAR TO YOUR OWN FAMILY BAR Two brothers with two different stories ending up with a similar dream; Opening up their own bar in their home town Manchester. After years of gaining experience in both the UK and other cocktail capitals like Singapore and Paris, [...] Continue Reading
  • Silk Road

    CELEBRATE THE SYMBOLISM OF ASIA WITH LIBBEY’S SILK ROAD COLLECTION Libbey EMEA, Portugal (June 17th, 2019) Throughout history, humans have developed international trade routes. None more famous than The Silk Road, a network of routes that for centuries traders used to transport silk and many other goods between China and the Mediterranean. At the same [...] Continue Reading
  • NoLo Collection

    CELEBRATE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE WITH LIBBEY’s NoLo COLLECTION LEERDAM, The Netherlands (May 7th, 2019) It is a fact that throughout the globe, consumers of all ages are becoming more health conscious. Moderation, fitness and wellness are key trends. And in the drinks industry, the low/no-alcohol movement has become one of the biggest trends in years. [...] Continue Reading
  • The Gats by Yochen Verbeeck

    LIBBEY’S CO-CREATION WITH BARTENDERS CONTINUES… Libbey introduces The Gats. This amazing glass was the winning concept of the second edition of the Glassology by Libbey. In May 2018, Yochen Verbeeck, from Belgium enchanted the judges with his great story and beautiful creation. Yochen drawing his concept Yochen at Libbey’s Plant checking the first production of [...] Continue Reading
  • New Additions TIKI Collection!

    TIKI, STILL GOING STRONG!   Tiki are no longer just summertime drinks. Nowadays, people are enjoying them all year long. Meet Libbey’s new Tiki stars! Tiki Coupe & Tiki Mai Tai Giving a playful theme that dash of sophistication With its exuberant, playful designs, typical tiki glassware can sometimes look out of place in more [...] Continue Reading
  • Libbey Launches the Tulip Bowl!

    FOR THE ULTIMATE DRINKING EXPERIENCE   The Tulip Bowl, by Robert Schinkel, is the first winning design of the Glassology by Libbey. The highlight of the launch will be at Tales of the Cocktails, New Orleans, where Robert manifested his Glassology success two years ago.  “The ultimate drinking experience is not a drink that you [...] Continue Reading
  • Glassology by Libbey Design Contest, on the way to the finals

    Six Finalists, six new glass designs, only one will be the winner! After months of researching, sketching and brainstorming, The Glassology design contest ap-proaches its grand finals. In this Global bartender competition it’s not the drink, but the glass as an essential ingredient of the whole drinking experience that is the focal point of the […]

    Continue Reading
  • Glassology by Libbey Design Contest Finalists

    MEET THE 6 FINALISTS OF THE GLASSOLOGY BY LIBBEY DESIGN CONTEST! After months of researching, sketching and brainstorming, the Glassology by Libbey design contest approaches its grand finale. The Jury came together to choose the 6 finalists that will be defending their concept at the finals, taking place on the 28th of May during Perfect Serve Bar Show [...] Continue Reading
  • Glassology by Libbey Design Contest Semifinalists

    Glassology by Libbey Design Contest First round completed! 24 semi-finalists were selected! After a registration period of two months, 24 semi-finalists were chosen for the Glassology Design Contest 2018. In this contest, bar professionals from all over the world are given the opportunity to create their new glass concept and get the chance to see [...] Continue Reading