Stacks for Life

Stacks for life

Libbey designs glassware for professionals. Glassware enhances the whole experience that surrounds a great drink. Take a cocktail. Do you serve it in a beverage glass or a coupe? Because as we all know, a cocktail is more than just a drink. And its final look-and-feel is a combination of taste, garnish and the right glassware. But it does not stop at the looks. Libbey considers practical demands when designing glasses and employs various technologies to create barware tough glassware.

One practical consideration which is overlooked all too often is that professionals need glassware that doesn’t take up too much space. At Libbey however we designed many product ranges with just this in mind: the glassware you use most often must be stackable and mobile.

Libbey’s DuraTuff®. Because you can’t compromise on strength.

Libbey’s DuraTuff® treatment is a super strengthening thermal after-process for “pressed” tumblers

and stemware.

The DuraTuff® process is only performed on the upper third of the glass, which increases its resistance to thermal and mechanical shock. By treating this upper portion at a lower temperature than tempering, you put less stress on the glass. This has a positive effect on how the glass breaks and also improves its overall durability.

For stackable glasses, which need to be able to deal with the rigors of daily life in all sorts of demanding settings, you simply can’t afford to compromise on strength.

So it’s good to know that, thanks to their DuraTuff®treatment, our glasses will be up to the job, both today and tomorrow.


The new standard.

The newly-created LinQ series may well be the ultimate high-end stackable glass. Naturally, it has all the functional qualities you’d expect: superb stackability, the versatility to measure up in any surroundings, and the DuraTuff® strength to with stand the roughest treatment time and time again.

But what really sets LinQ apart? In a word, style.

The translucent grey finish… the subtly sophisticated design… the timeless look-and-feel… Together they add just that extra dash of elegance to any drink.

LinQ is the stackable series you’ve been waiting for. Satisfying all your most demanding professional requirements, while surpassing your highest aesthetic expectations.


Streetwise elegance.

What drink wouldn’t wanna hook up with this fella? A sturdy-looking middleweight with a reassuringly firm grip and an even smoother touch. He’s not the only rugged-looking individual in town, but his vintage cut-glass looks put Brooklyn a cut above your typical tumbler. Brooklyn fits in anywhere: chic when occasion demands, streetwise when duty calls. Because don’t be fooled by those suave looks: Brooklyn’s DuraTuff® as they come.

Oh, this guy can take a hit alright.

So there we have it: classic looks, but right at home in a modern setting; always elegant, but tough as nails. Brooklyn.

Actions speak louder than words.


Feel the groove.

As the name suggests, Everest stands out in a crowd. But these beverage glasses don’t just grab your attention. Once it’s been caught, your eye lingers on a hip design that looks as good with a long cool milk in the school canteen as it does with a cocktail in a late-night bar.

Everest has everything it takes to be a soaring success for your business. Our exclusive DuraTuff® strengthening process makes it extremely hard-wearing. The design ensures optimal stackability. And the distinctive groove structure provides a satisfying grip that lets your customers know they’re holding a glass they can rely on.


Space & Time.

The ingenious stacking design not only takes up minimal room. It also prevents moisture build-up inside the glasses, so you don’t waste time drying at those moments when you’re under most pressure. What’s more, the DuraTuff® finish means Optiva glasses will go on saving you time and space for years to come.

The resulting elegant look is no coincidence either.

After all, as every designer knows, with the very best products, form always follows function.


An ageless classic.

In two centuries of producing quality glassware, Libbey has seldom had a series that has become so popular with so many hospitality professionals as Endeavor.

And it’s not hard to see why.

The sleek profile and weighty base form an ageless design appropriate anywhere, from hotel bar to company boardroom, conference center to clubhouse, chilled lounge to adrenaline-driven club. While the clever internal stacking ledge lets you make optimal use of your shelf space. And with its DuraTuff® finish, Endeavor is as sturdy as it is affordable.

In a fast-moving, often unpredictable world, it’s good to know that one thing remains constant.

Stackable Gibraltar

Iconic design.

Libbey introduced the 8-sided Gibraltar design way back in the 1970s. Forty years on, it’s one of the world’s most iconic glass designs and a market leader in the foodservice industry.

And with its robust DuraTuff® treatment, and now in a stackable design, it’s also a benchmark for creating glassware that is both attractive and pragmatic.

Whether you use one of the whiskey tumblers or one of the highballs, serve a customer a drink in a Gibraltar glass and you’re presenting them with a slice of design history.

Ideally served on the rocks, of course.

Stacking restaurants basics

Simply releable, reliably simple. Like your most dependable employees, these stacking restaurant basics just quietly get on with whatever job is asked of them. The deceptively simple design performs perfectly in any foodservice context, with any décor, from classical to ultra-modern, and when serving any drink, from simple tap water to extravagant smoothies.

These glasses have been created with one thing in mind: no-nonsense performance. Which means as a restauranteur you’ve one less thing to worry about. Because the standard shape, great stackability, and DuraTuff® treatment mean they’ll have no trouble dealing with life in even the busiest restaurant.