Spirits of the Pacific

Spirits of the Pacific

Spirits, garnishes, themes: the pacific is home to trends in all of these fields. By developing glassware and other related items Libbey allows you to offer your guests an escape to this unique and inspiring corner of the world. In addition to a Libbey take on the pacific spirits below be sure to check out the Tiki trend and items as well.

Relate to mezcal and tequila

Mezcal and tequila share a similar relationship to whiskey and bourbon or brandy and cognac: the second is a variety of the first. Both are made from agave plants. Tequila is made from one particular species (blue agave) while mezcal can be made made from the fermented juice of over 30 other types of agave. This diversity originates a range of flavours similar to grape varieties in wine making.

Originally from the Mexican state of Oaxaca, where 80% of the production is made, mezcal is still produced under traditional roasting and distilling methods, which confers its distinct smoky flavour.

Tequila shares the name with a small Mexican town, in the state of Jalisco, where it’s mainly produced. Although generally produced under more industrial methods, a new wave of artisanal high-quality tequilas is conquering fans worldwide.

Start Looking at tequila from a different perspective!

It used to be seen as a cheap strong spirit, but a revolution has started. There is an extreme uprise in tequila’s popularity, as consumers experience finer varieties. Ultra-premium tequilas are entering the market claiming to be organic, artisanal or from a single origin. Bartenders are also going after purer and more refined Tequilas, reinventing classic cocktails.

Tequila’s big brother finally gets its moment!

Until recently, mezcal has been overshadowed by its most popular brother, tequila. Fortunately, bartenders are creating a new wave of popularity around this underrated spirit and it’s now popping up on more and more bar menus over the world. Mezcal’s particular smoky flavour, takes any cocktail to the next level.

Mezcal is becoming a most required ingredient for the recreation of classic cocktails, replacing obvious spirits like rum or vodka. This trend, due to the recent rediscovery of mezcal, is here to stay. Reinventing classics like the “margarita” can be a challenge, though mezcal is the perfect spirit to take it to the next level, thanks to its quality, complexity and authenticity.

“Para todo el mal, Mezcal y para todo el bien, también.” – Mexican saying (Mezcal for the god and for the bad)

Pisco: A flagship cocktail turns popular worldwide

Pisco is a clear brandy obtained from distilling white Muscat grapes, grown in Peru and Chile. Although both countries claim the liquor as their own, Peruvian Pisco is considered the original and more popular than its neighbour.

“Pisco Sour” has become the signature drink of both Peru and Chile. Created almost 100 years ago, by the American Victor Morris, its recipe has remained virtually the same, though every mixologist adds his personal touch. This rich and refreshing cocktail has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity over the last few years.