“Shorty is the glassware range the industry has been dying for; glasses built specifically to accommodate the tapas-style approach. They’re ideal for cocktail-food combinations, flights of drinks and paired servings such as palate cleaners.”

Elliot Ball, co-founder The Cocktail Trading Co, London.

The Bartender vs The Manager

Understanding and loving great glassware are two related, though separate things. The bartender side of us can love certain glasses, appreciating the effect they have on their creations, and the customers.

The manager side, however, has to consider profitability. Beyond the basic cost of the glass, there is the

debate of whether the aesthetics match perceived quality, and, most important, whether the dimensions suit the drink.

A glass too large for its contents can look under filled, but an overfilled glass can be disastrous for profit. This, combined with the continued growth of concepts such as tapas drinks, flights and food pairing make a the Libbey Shorty range a very welcome addition to their beautiful range of glasses. The range allows bartenders to have the perfect tools to give out smaller portions of drinks for various purposes, and managers can rest assured the profitability is improved and wastage reduced.

Glasses that impress with small serves and palate cleansers

The Libbey Shorty range accommodate smaller portions, so serves such as welcoming drinks and palate refreshers between drinks fit perfectly.

Bars and restaurants put a lot of effort into impressing guests with the menu and a small drink ads to the experience while the guests are browsing the offering.

Libbey Shorty glasses are perfect for this occasion. Simply provide a complementary glass of soda or sparkling wine without worrying about affecting the bottom line; the cost is pennies, while the guest is surprised by the hospitality.

The Libbey Shorty range also works well as a vessel for palate cleansers. A small serving gives the guests the cleansing rush of sweetness, acidity, salt, bitterness, astringency, savory flavors and even excites the palate.

Recipe suggestion, CTC rejuvenator

75 ml ginger juice

125ml rhubarb juice

75 ML lime sherbet

10 ml saline solution

5 ML vanilla bean paste

200 ML strong Assam tea, cold

10 ML Masters of Malt Aphrodite Bitters

Combine all ingredients in a soda syphon, carbonate. Makes enough for 15 servings.

The perfect glasses for flights of cocktails

Possibly the most obvious use for driving profitability with the Libbey Shorty range is to reduce portion size while offering customers a broader taste experience. The ‘flight’ of cocktails embraces this concept like no other. Guests get to enjoy greater variety of a bar’s offering, without health concerns and lifestyle limitations.

When life gives you limes 

Many drinkers fail to fully understand the individuality of the human palette – the ‘when life gives you limes’ is a fun flight of cocktails that allows people to experiment and learn about how they like their drinks. This especially works well when a new customer could become a regular – it establishes a sense of understanding between them and the bar and ensures them their personal preferences will be duly kept in mind

Recipe suggestion, when life gives you limes

Take two shakers. Into one, add the following. For the second reverse the proportions of citrus and sugar.

30 ML good white rum

7.5 ML (5 ML for #2) fresh lime juice

5 ML (7.5 ML for #2) 1:1 sugar syrup

Arrange of flight of 3 Libby Shorty Rocks glasses. Shake both drinks.

Pour two thirds of the first shaker into the first glass, two thirds of the second shaker in the last glass and the remainder of each into the central class.

Cocktails and food in perfect harmony

Getting cocktails to match with food can be difficult, given that drinks are naturally sweet sour and most food is not. Especially deserts canapés can seriously unbalance cocktails.

The Libbey Shorty range reduces the cocktail portion down to canapé sizes and allows food and drinks to be presented side by side. This embellishes the paring, and can also help to establish a theme to truly impress the guest.

The Gatsby themed example uses simple, though delicious canapés interestingly paired with cocktails that differ in flavor, but only minimally in ingredients.

The food pairings represent a simpler cuisine experience, illustrating the cultural clash so famous in The Great Gatsby.

Recipe suggestion, Daisy Fay Trio (1 portion)

Add to a Shaker:

30 ML Freshly squeezed lemon juice

30 ML Cointreau

30 ML water

Shake hard and strain into three Libbey Shorty coupes. Then add

20 ML London dry gin to the first

20 ML Calvados to the second

20 ML Tequila to the 3rd

Stirr quickly, garnish all with a twist of lemon.

The first, the White lady, is served alongside the British classic a canapé of fish and chips.

The second, the Calvados Sidecar, comes with an endive with bacon and croutons, grated apple and a light Roquefort vinaigrette.

The third is a Margarita, served with an individual nacho topped with salsa, chili beef, guacamole, sour cream, cheese and fresh coriander.