When Life Gives You Lime Cocktail

When Life Gives You Lime


The When life gives you limes cocktail made by Elliot Ball, co-founder of The cocktail Trading Co in London. Many drinkers fail to fully understand the individuality of the human palate – the ‘When Life Gives You Limes’ is a fun flight of cocktails that allows people to experiment and learn about how they like their drinks.


Shaker #1:
30ml good white rum
7,5ml fresh lime juice
5ml sugar syrup

Shaker #2:
30ml good white rum
5ml fresh lime juice
7,5ml sugar syrup


Arrange a flight of 3 Libbey Shorty Rock glasses. Shake both shakers. Pour two-thirds of the first shaker into the first glass, two thirds of the second shaker in the last glass, and the remainder of each into the central glass. Decorate with small flowers and slices of lime.