Teqtonic cocktail


The Teqtonic cocktail made by Petar Marinov, bartender at the Monkey Beach Club Tenerife at the Canary Islands (Spain). Tequila used to be seen as a cheap strong spirit, but a revolution has started. There is an extreme up rise in tequila’s popularity, as consumers experience finer varieties.


5 cl barrel-aged tequila*
20 cl premium tonic water
Orange peel
Sichuan pepper
Chocolate pepper

*Petar’s suggestion: Tequila Don Juilo Reposado


Start by flavouring the tequila with orange peel, Sichuan pepper and chocolate bitter, into a mixing glass and stir all the ingredients. Secondly, fill the glass with bic ice cubes and pour the mix over the ice. Then add the tonic water, give it a stir and decorate. Add some purple basil leaves over the cocktail and decorate the stem with orange peel.