The Ravenscroft Cocktail


Inspired by George Ravenscroft a 17th century glassmaker whom is credited for inventing lead crystal glass.
George Ravenscroft was born in London 1632 and spent a brief time studying priesthood in france before travelling to Venice to study glassmaking. There he discovered the secrets of making clearer, more brilliant glass. Taking these secrets back to London he setup his glasshouse at the Savoy Palace where he was granted a patent as sole British lead crystal glass producer and became known as the finest glassmaker of his time. His glass was easier to cut and engrave allowing the glass to be decorated with elaborate designs just like the Libbey Hobstar range.
My cocktail is a twist on the ”Daisy” cocktail found in the 1930 Savoy Cocktail book.


40 ml Sloe Gin
20 ml Dry Gin
20 ml Aperol
15 ml Clarified lemon juice
10 ml Honey syrup 4:1
8 drops Absinth


Stir and strain into a chilled Hobstar coupe!
Top 50ml carbonated mint water from a siphon


lemon zest, blueberries (or sloe berries if available) and a mint top.