Lupita Cocktail


The Lupita cocktail made by Petar Marinov, bartender at the Monkey Beach Club Tenerife at the Canary Islands (Spain). Tequila’s big brother finally get its moment! Until recently, mezcal has been overshadowed by its most popular brother, Tequila. Fortunately, bartenders are creating a new wave of popularity around this underrated spirit.


4cl artisanal mezcal*
3cl passion fruit liqueur
1 scoop of mango in cubes
2 cl freshly squeezed lime juice
Mango puree
Lime peel
Red chili

*Petar’s suggestion: Mezcal Los Danzantes Joven


Add all the ingredients inside a blender, with crushed ice and pour it into a large cocktail stemware. Decorate with a red chili and sage leaves.