Long Island iced tea
Long Island iced tea
Long Island iced tea

Long Island Iced Tea cocktail


This retro cocktail, very popular in the ’80s, actually has no tea in its recipe at all. The Long island iced tea name comes from its resemblance in color to iced tea. Which is why I’ve decided to use a liquor of green tea and jasmine in my recipe, while also replacing traditional cola with a cola reduction. Finally, the use of premium spirits lifts the experience to another level, breathing fresh life back into this timeless drink.


1,5cl tequila Olmeca Altos reposado
1,5cl vodka 6C
1,5cl rum Plantation original dark
1,5cl green tea and jasmin liquor Pekoe
1,5cl gin Beefeater 24
1,25cl freshly squeezed lemon juice
1,25cl freshly squeezed lime juice
3cl cola Fever Tree (reduction of cola and sugar)
3cl water


Method: add all ingredients inside a soda siphon and serve into a large glass, previously filled with ice cubes. Top up the glass with crushed ice and decorate.

Garnish: Decorate with some fennel leaves and cola gummy candies.