I See What You Did There


The ‘I see what you did there’ is inspired by the TV series Magic City. I really enjoyed watching this show and the design of the sets. I wouldn’t mind sitting at the Atlantis bar inside the Miramar Playa hotel for a drink. While I was re-watching some episodes for this challenge I noticed they used the same Tom Dixon lamps that I stare at every night during my shifts at de minibar in Eindhoven.

Like anyone who loved a good TV-show tries to convince everyone that they just have to see it too. I made a drink to be served at the Atlantis bar featuring ingredients that Ike Evans drinks at the bar in the series. The name of the drink has two meanings. Once you watch the last episode you will understand what is literally ‘seen’. Also by not spoiling the story I’m saying you just have to watch the show.
See what I did there?


40ml J&B Scotch Whisky
25ml Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge
7,5ml Pernod Absinthe
25ml Lemon Juice
10ml 2:1 Sugar Syrup
1 egg white (medium sized NL measured at 30ml)


Dry Shake, Shake and finestrain into Libbey Stark glass filled with ice

Top it off with Fentimans Tonic (15 ml is all that fits when you properly fill the glass with ice)

Garnish with a Minneola zest