Hot Dance Cocktail


The Lupita cocktail made by Petar Marinov, bartender at the Monkey Beach Club Tenerife at the Canary Islands (Spain). These strange looking pieces are inspired by the traditional Maori totems and represent face of the Polynesian gods. You’ll find weekly Tiki-nights at bars all over the world.


5cl organic mezcal*
2cl elderflower liqueur
1,5cl falernum syrup
6cl pineapple juice
2cl passion fruit juice or puree
1,5 freshly squeezed limes
3 dashes of hot and spice bitters

*Petar’s suggestion: Mezcal Del Maguey


Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice, shake and strain into a ceramic Tiki, previously filled with ice cubes. Add some exuberant decorations on the top of the cocktail, like a smoky cinnamon stick or exotic flowers and fruits.