Holy Handgranate cocktail
Holy Handgranate
Holy Handgranate Cocktail

The Holy Handgranate Cocktail


The Holy Handgranate.

Let it be clear, that to make this drink is no small feat.
It demands one of the hardest of things you can ask from a bartender, to wake up and go to church on sunday and recive 500ml of holy water.
Once Holy water has been optained it should be fitted with in a icecube shaped receptacle and exposed to temperatures fitting to freeze water ( fun fact, holy water freezes at same temperatures as normal water)

The general idea why one sould keep the Holy Handranate close by during the Holloween is simple, well if you are wanting to stave off or even fight away evil things like Zombies,Corp revivals, Bloody Anythings or Worse things yet, there are few things that might work but none that works as well as holy water and booze.


500gr of holy water
3Cl Appleton Reserve Blend
2Cl La Mauny 50% white
1,5Cl Wray and Nephews Overproof Rum
1,5Cl Ancho Reyes
8 dashes Angustura
1,5 Home Made Cinnamon syrup*
3,5Cl pineapple schrub **