Asteriod B-153 Cocktail

Asteroid B-613 Cocktail


Asteroid cocktail B-613 is orbits the newly found Hobstar and is the neigbour of famous Asteroid B-612 the home of the Little Prince. It is an experience unlike others, just like the Hobstar system itself. It consists of three layers, Crust made of crystal, a Mantle and a Core.


Mantle :
20ml Suze
20ml Del Professore White Vermouth
30ml Nuestra Soledad Mescal
3 drops Fee Brothers Aztec Bitters

Core :
20ml Campari
20ml Cocchi Vermouth Di Torino
25ml Nuestra Soledad Mezcal
1dash Angustura Bitters Preparation:



Silicone mold is filled with water and exposed to freezing temperatures for few hours to let the outer most layer freeze. Then excess water is drained from with in.
Elements of the drink are combined in a mixing glass and stirred over ice to 75% of perfect delution (Drink left a little under deluted) then poured into the ice sphere and again exposed to freezing temperatures over half a standard planetary spin (12 earth hours).

Elements combined in a mixing glass and stirred over ice to near perfect dillution and temperature.

Core placed in Crust and mantle gently poured over and around. Garnished with orange zest.