Perception. One-piece glassware, one-off elegance.

So many people, so many perceptions. Generally speaking, design polarizes people between those who like a particular design and those who don’t. But in our experience, pretty well everyone agrees that the Libbey Perception range is the ideal combination of design and durability.

Cooler, Wine glass, D.O.F., Flute, Rocks, Beverage, Coupe or Cordial. Each member of the Perception family has been made from a single piece of glass. Making Perception ideal for high-turnover, fast-paced restaurant operations where safety and durability are of the utmost importance.

Indeed, at Libbey we feel so confident about the strength of our one-piece construction that we have backed the Perception items with the exclusive Safedge® Rim and Foot guarantee. These glasses will last and last. So isn’t a good thing that they’re so pleasing to the eye?