Elevate casual environments

The Libbey Infinium premium plastic range allows you to bring a more upscale, trendy vibe to beverage service where plastic is the preferred option. Infinium products are made of 100% BPA-free Tritan copolyester which mimics the clarity of glass and is virtually unbreakable. Infinium products will retain their beauty and durability longer than acrylic, SAN or polycarbonate products.

With Infnium, you and your guests can relax as you express your creativity in plastic drinkware with industry-leading durability.Infinium provides the kind of replacement-reducing, stress-relieving performance other plastics simply cannot match:

  • Tough
  • Highly resistant to impacts, cracking crazing and shattering.
  • Dishwasher durable
  • Maintains a “like new” appearance even after hundreds of cycles.
  • Industry-leading resistance
  • Resists virtually all stains, odorsand tainting of beverage flavors.
  • Temperature resilience
  • Able to withstand extreme temperatures up to boiling or freezing points (212°F/100°C to 32°F/0°C).
  • Innovative design
  • Space-saving tumblers stack without sticking and inhibit water pooling on the bottom



The festival agenda keeps filling up, particularly with food festivals. Simultaneously other festivals areimproving the quality of the food and beverage offerings. Many have opted for premium plastic  drinkware for environmental reasons or are forced to do so by legislation. Infinium allows you to present your carefully crafted drinks without quality concessions.


Tough drinkware is needed when navigating rough waters. Infinium offers smooth sailing, being light yet extremely robust it will weather any storm it faces.


Safety is an obvious concern for operators of swimming pools or beachside venues. When your guests are their most relaxed selves, breakage resulted injury will spoil even the best of