Carats. Hard to resist.

Carats is a design based on the cut glasses Libbey produced during the so-called ‘brilliant period of American cut glass’ which covered the last quarter of the 19th and first quarter of the 20th Centuries.

As you would expect from the name, Carats has a diamond pattern that captures, reflects and showcases brilliance in glassware. The design, a precise balance between the traditional and the contemporary, literally shines in any setting. And thanks to their functional design and famous Libbey toughness, unlike like our ancestors you don’t have to save your Carats glasses for special occasions. Their distinctive design can be used to light up the moment every day.

With the introduction of the Carats mixing glass, Libbey has now completed this great set of barware jewels. Strong and irresistible as the diamonds that inspired their design, trying to resist Carats is probably futile. And once you’ve succumbed there’s no going back. Because as we all know, Carats are forever…