Our Glassware

Libbey is the glassware for professionals. It has been around since 1818 and has developed into an authentic brand with clear roots. That development process never ends; Libbey is constantly reinventing itself.

Libbey feels very strongly about quality, as witnessed by its outstanding product guarantees. Also its design is distinctive, timeless and creative. And above all Libbey glassware is strong and lasts a particularly long time, even when used frequently.

Worldwide, Libbey has established a solid reputation as THE glassware for professionals. Professionals can spend an entire career trusting on them.

Professionals choose Libbey. Libbey for Life!


Classy but sturdy. Based on the cut glasses that Libbey produced during the ‘brilliant period of American cut glass’ Hobstar fits perfectly with the current fashion for Vintage Chic.


Hard to resist. A precise balance between the traditional and the contemporary, which literally shines in any setting.


Uncompromisingly glamorous. The SPKSY family of glassware look like they’ve just been lifted from a popular speakeasy in 1920s Chicago or New York: sharp as a chalk stripe suit, stylish as a jazzman’s solo and tough as they come.


The star pattern radiates the complete range of prismatic colors. Giving your customers not just a drink, but an experience.


Barware TOUGH. Libbey’s exclusive process, developed not only to reduce breakage and chipping, but to also change HOW a glass breaks.


One-piece stemware strikes the perfect balance of weight, functionality, and aesthetics.

It’s the proven leader in the industry for durability and reliability.

Glassware Handling

The number one reason for glass breakage is improper handling, by applying our tips an operator can save 20-30%  of their glassware replacement costs


Libbey’s SheerRim D.T.E.® (Dura Temp Edge) stemware and tumblers feature a beadless

edge which is first cracked-off then polished to produce a fine, yet durable edge.


One-piece glassware, one-off elegance. Each member of the Perception family has been made from a single piece of glass,  ideal for high-turnover, fast-paced restaurant operations.


Towering above the competition. As the name suggests, Everest stands out in a crowd.


The tough guy’s got elegance. What drink wouldn’t wanna hook up with this fella? A sturdy-looking middleweight with a reassuringly firm grip and an even smoother touch.


A style icon with a rock-solid reputation. Libbey introduced the 8-sided Gibraltar design way back in the 1970s, forty years on, it’s one of the world’s most iconic glass designs.


A design classic. The phrase ‘less is more’ is a cliché. And like many clichés, happens to be true.


Strong in every way. With a highly contemporary European design, the glasses are suitable for both fine dining and more laid back restaurant environments.

Infinium, premium plastic drinkware

Bring a more upscale, trendy vibe to beverage service where plastic is the preferred option.