NoLo Collection


LEERDAM, The Netherlands (May 7th, 2019)
It is a fact that throughout the globe, consumers of all ages are becoming more health conscious. Moderation, fitness and wellness are key trends. And in the drinks industry, the low/no-alcohol movement has become one of the biggest trends in years.

Sustainability is a topic of conversation, also in the drinks industry. Bartenders are trying to find that extra link with the earth by using sustainable ingredients, as well as trying to find that connection through the glasses they choose. When using natural flavours and local ingredients, bartenders try to find a complementary vessel. See how Libbey’s glassware fits perfectly with this demand.

Libbey’s Aether range interprets the unique textures created by Nature’s evolution, as manifested in the simple beauty found in raw materials such as *rock, wood and water, and the natural phenomenon of cracked dry soil in a thirsty landscape.
The Aether range fits the NoLo trend impeccably, giving bartenders the possibility to choose from different nature elements.

The bold and distinctive design of the Aether range builds on a simple plunger pattern to create a sense of tranquility and pure, unadorned nature that so many seek as an escape from today’s highspeed world. The cut-glass and exterior rings pay homage to Libbey’s heritage. The glasses are also available in a clear version.

Royal Leerdam’s branded range *Ronda is designed to have the best of two worlds: a comfortable design that fits in the palm of your hand, as well as a light-weight, elegant design that enables you to optimally enjoy your wine.

Ronda glasses ideally suit cognacs, whiskeys and fortified wines. They allow the warmth of the palm of your guest’s hands to slowly bring up the temperature of the spirit. You can also take a cooler approach: the capacities and wide openings mean they are ideally suited for Gin-Tonics, Sangria’s and easy mixers. Their beauty encourages quality cocktail service with plenty of garnish options.

If your venue is in a windy location, rent’s vessels or situated on a maritime vessel, the Ronda range is extremely stable and suitable for any terrain. Libbey and Royal Leerdam added many more fantastic items into the NoLo concept. These help bartenders to come up with new ways to satisfy the tastes of this growing group of health-conscious consumers.

Cheers to sober happy hours!