LinQ, stackable range

LinQ, the stackable standard

Libbey introduces new glassware that combines practicality and aesthetic.

With the introduction of the LinQ series, Libbey sets a new standard for high-end stackable glasses. Combining a sophisticated, timeless design with practical stackability and durability makes LinQ glasses a perfect choice for a professional hospitality environment.

The importance of glassware 

Glassware is the unsung hero of hospitality. Nevertheless, any professional can attest that glassware makes all the difference when experiencing a drink; it can turn a great drink into an exceptional one. At the same time the fast-paced demanding environment of a bar or restaurant calls for a glass that has the durability for day in, day out use. LinQ combines a translucent grey, a timeless aesthetic with Libbey’s DuraTuff® strength and a design that is perfect for storage in an often limited space. LinQ comes in five different sizes, suitable for a wide array of drinks.


Libbey’s DuraTuff®

The glasses from the LinQ series have undergone Libbey’s DuraTuff® treatment. A super-strengthening thermal after-process for tumblers and stemware. Only performed on the upper third of the glass, it significantly increases the resistance to shock. The DuraTuff® method also impacts the way the glass breaks, inevitable in most establishments. Breaking in larger pieces makes sure the possibility of injury or contamination is kept to a minimum.


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About Libbey

Since 1818 Libbey has been the glassware brand for professionals. Libbey produces glass tableware in 5 countries and sells their products in over 100 countries. More than 1 billion pieces are produced and sold every year. The Libbey brand is an authentic brand that feels very strongly about quality and is known for its durability. Libbey offers the most extensive line of glassware in the industry to serve all the needs of each market. Professionals choose Libbey, because they can spend an entire career trusting on the glassware. That’s where Libbey’s pay-off comes in: Libbey for life!

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