Together with the legendary Tiki bartender, Daniele Dalla Pola, Libbey co-created a traditional but new range of Tiki glasses. Using the classic Mai-Tai and Zombie glass and adding ‘Kahiko’ decorations to reflect the rich traditions and culture of the Pacific Islands.

The idea of re-creating some old classic Tiki glasses with a new, but recognizable patterns, arose when Libbey and Daniele repeatedly started working together during Libbey’s so-called ‘Cocktail Challenges’ which take place in the online community ‘Glassology by Libbey’ on Facebook. This amazing cooperation resulted in an unforgettable range.

The Tiki trend started in the 20th century when the Polynesian-styled restaurants and bars were booming in the United States, The Tiki trend then grew and spread all over the world. Great examples in the cocktail industry were: Don the Beachcomber and Trader Vic’s, which still inspire us today.

Whether it’s the exuberant and playful designs or the summer feeling they create, one thing is certain: its huge popularity means our Libbey Tiki range is set to keep on growing!

The Tiki Mixed Gods, Cooler and Rocks; the Split, Mai-Tai, and Coupe; the Pineapple, ceramics mug and ceramics tumbler… every last member of the Tiki range is beloved by guests everywhere. And not just for summer drinks. Nowadays folks are enjoying Tiki all year round. That’s why Libbey is organizing a new Tiki challenge targeting special Tiki cocktails for the upcoming holidays, using the new Kahiko range.

All the more reason for three fun and handy new additions. Here’s to the Kahiko Mai Tai, Kahiko Zombie, and Tiki Dispenser which will be introduced along with Kahiko range!

The Kahiko Zombie plays that typical two-faced Tiki trick with a sensuous, ukulele-playing wahine (Hawaiian women) on one side and a scary shrunk-en head on the other. It’s the perfect way to serve a  cocktail filled with Pacific promise.

The Kahiko Mai Tai is inspired by the traditional TAPA patterns of islands like Tonga, Samoa, and Fiji where it is seen on everything from clothes to traditional tattoos.

About the Tiki Dispenser, a design with a rich background story…
It is perfect for all of those great rum-based cocktails you associate with sultry tropical nights, such as the Mai-tai, Zombie or Hurricane drinks. These drinks are vibrant, thirst-quenching and full of tropical fruits and exotic ingredients. But don’t be fooled by the stern Polynesian scowl: the Tiki Dispenser is at its happiest when it’s freeing you from the stress of preparing individual cocktails for everyone.

Stay tuned for our next Tiki challenge in the Glassology by Libbey Community, where bartenders will be able to win the Tiki Dispenser.

Cheers to Tiki Spirits!