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Glassology believes that glassware holds the power to make every drinking experience complete and truly special. It believes that the right equipment defines the work of a master and lifts it to the next level. Glassology represents and safeguards the industry’s quality while challenging it at the same time.

It goes hand in hand with the true bartenders lifestyle. Glassology’s private Facebook community is the place where all Glassologists meet. Are you ready to become a Glassologist?

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The Contest


As a contest like no other, the Glassology design contest raises the bar for those who strive to offer the ultimate drinking experience. It offers drinks professionals an opportunity to leave their mark on the bartending industry and create something lasting long beyond the end of an evening in a bar.

Only one person will earn global recognition; the winner’s glass design will be taken into production to be sold all over the globe by Libbey.


As Glassology believes the glass holds the power to make every drinking experience complete and truly special, the Glassology contest challenges EMEA professionals in the scene to design on their ultimate glassware.

Libbey offers a platform where contestants can learn, connect and get inspired. Register now and tell us why you want to join the Glassology contest.


Glassology will start for its second edition in 2017, to keep you informed please fill in your e-mail address in the keep me up to date section below.


The contest is open to all EMEA bar professionals, focusing on bartenders and baristas.


Robert Schinkel

On the 17th of May, during Lisbon Bar Show 2016, Robert Schinkel from The Netherlands has been named the winner of the first Glassology by Libbey design contest.

The competition that promised to not only separate the great bartenders from the true drinks professional, but the drinks professionals from the real masters, came to an end with thrilling finals. 357 international bar professionals from all over Europe signed up for the competition; six finalists competed with Schinkel raising his glass as the winner.

The jury praised his design for being trendy and iconic and praises Schinkel for raising a new standard for the future.

The Winning Design

The inspiration for Schinkel’s design comes from the tulip. In the Golden Age, this flower was one of the most expensive products on the market.

This period of time wasn’t just a Golden Age for the Dutch, but also for punch. British sailors who traveled from East to West made this liqour on a basis of rum and the herbs and ingredients to which they had access. They brought the recipe back to Great-Britain, where punch became a popular drink. Schinkel chose this liquor to be the perfect match for his tulip shaped glass design.

The Quote

After the conclusion of the finals, Schinkel, obviously, proposed a toast on his win with his own glass. Libbey will take his design into production to be sold globally later this year. As the winner, Schinkel will receive 500 pieces of his glass design and will go on a trip to the Tales of the Cocktail festival in New Orleans as a Libbey reporter this July.

‘This is a wonderful price, in an amazing competition. I’m very grateful to Libbey and the fact that they asked the opinion and vision from the people inside the spirit industry. At the moment I’m just very happy! – Robert Schinkel

The Finals

After nine months of researching, workshops, fine-tuning and practising with the prototype of their design, the six finalists of Glassology by Libbey design contest were each granted ten minutes to share the story of their design. Not the drink, but the glass itself as an essential ingredient of the whole drinking experience was the focal point of the contest. Nevertheless, the competing Glassologists were judged on the glass, their presentation, as well as the matching drink recipe. The international jury focused on finding that perfectly polished design that outweighed the other five in terms of creating a drinking experience that remains long after the last sip of the drink.

The Jury

The finalists were judged by leading experts in design, spirits and hospitality. Head of the jury was Libbey’s Design Manager Frauke Timmermans. Together with Vincent Degroote (Hospitality Media), Nelson Bernardes (Hospitality Media), Stéphane Moeslé (Drinks Industry), Seroj de Graaf (Design) and Eliot Ball (Hospitality) she witnessed an outstanding level of professionalism and innovation. The jury evaluated how the glass enhanced the taste of the matching drink, the overall concept of the design, the name of the glass, the presentation, and the performance by the ambitious Glassologists. Libbey’s essential characteristics like originality, innovation and durability were also taken into consideration.

‘Robert and his concept are a perfect match with Libbey; he constantly wants to develop himself. His design is modern, but timeless. The glass stands out in every bar and tells a story with a link to the Dutch history. It truly connects people in an authentic way. Roberts presentation was personal, passionate and confident. He was the perfect candidate to set a new standard.’ – Frauke Timmermans, Design Manager Libbey