Glassology by Libbey Design Contest Launch

Glassology by Libbey Design Contest, a new dawn for bartending competitions

The contest that separates the men from the boys is back!

After a great 1st edition, starting October 2017 Libbey will promote the 2nd edition of the contest like no other. The Glassology by Libbey Design Contest challenges professionals working in the scene with a passion for developing, creating and offering the ultimate drinking experience for high-level guests. Libbey will not just separate the great bartenders from the true drinks professionals, but will separate the drinks professionals from the real masters.


In October the Glassology by Libbey Design Contest takes off with online admissions and professionals from all over Europe, South Africa, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand are invited to compete over an eight-month period for one of the coveted spots in the final, which will be held in May 2018. They will create their ultimate glassware design that will lift a reinvented cocktail, their newest boozy creation or just a cup of coffee to a whole new level.


One of the six finalists will earn global recognition, as the winning glass design will be taken into production to be sold all over the globe by Libbey later that year. The winner also has the honour to name the glass, will receive 250 pieces of the winning design, will be one of the members of the jury in the next Glassology by Libbey Design Contest and acts as the Glassology ambassador at the renowned Tales of the Cocktail  in New Orleans.


In the international Glassology by Libbey Design Contest it’s not the drink, but the glass as an essential ingredient of the whole drinking experience that is the focal point of the competition.
You can find all information about the past and present contest by clicking here.


Cheers to good old rare experiences!