The Farm-to-Shaker trend is about using fresh and authentic ingredients which play up the luscious flavors of fruit and which complement the rich warmth of spirits. It is a natural extension of fresh, local and seasonal food trends, which have been turning up all over with fresh ingredient inspired cocktails. Seasonal ingredients, themes and creations get bartenders to think harder about the use and choice of products as well as presentation. The Libbey Farmhouse collection is designed to take you on this field-trip.

Refreshing Infused Water

Water infusions are popping up in bars and restaurants everywhere and have become a major hospitality trend. They are easy to prepare and along with that they taste and look great. Presentation of the infusions is key and they provide your guests with an instant WOW effect. Buffet or table presentations? The possibilities are endless, just experiment with your combinations, slice them up and add water.

Natural – Healthy – Delicious

For hundreds of years Mediterranean and Eastern cultures have served pureed fruit drinks that resemble what we call smoothies. It wasn’t until the invention of the blender in the 1900’s that thousands of people began experiencing the joy of blended juices the rest of the world and adventurous travelers had known for some time. Smoothies have come a long way over the years. Nowadays cafe style Smoothie Bars take core super-foods, such as kale and spinach, and then creatively add other foods carefully selected for a balance of nutrition and flavour.

Drinking jars

A drinking jar is your ultimate instrument to give your guest the hands on farm feeling. The jars are robust and transfer an artisian feeling which can be enhanced by adding fresh ingredients to the drink.

Think about how much better cocktails taste using the freshest ingredients possible, incorporating the natural sweetness of fruits & vegetables instead of unnecessary additives and corn syrup. Roll the fruit on the countertop before squeezing. This softens and breaks the cell walls, allowing the fruit to release more juice.

Culinary Jars

Culinary Jars are the ideal tool for a bartender to store certain bar garnishes such as raspberries, olives, mint leaves, cherries etc when space is limited. Libbey has designed these jars to be of the right size and of course to be aesthetically pleasing for your guests.