Create chemistry with Lab

Create chemistry with Lab

The Libbey LAB series have been engineered to suit multiple trends as well as needs of today’s bar scene. Explore the ways in which LAB allows you to involve your guests and capture their imagination. Multiple items also allow you to create larger servings. Other items allow you to develop your own infusions. Each lab item helps to create chemistry between bartenders and their needs and creativity as well ass guests and their wishes.

Sharing: The more the merrier.

“Sharing is caring” it’s a phrase most bartenders know all too well. People like drinking together simply because doing things together brings them joy. Therefore serving a cocktail in a special vessel that encourages sharing between two or more will please most people.

Preparing two or four drinks in one go not only saves time; your guests will be wondering what you are making, adding excitement to that imminent sharing moment.

Nice to know:

Did you know sharing releases a hormonal neurotransmitter in the brain called oxytocin?

Oxytocin tends to make people more social and less stressed. So sharing a cocktail is the ideal after work drink.

Bar Equipment: Surround yourself with flavour.

Nowadays a lot of bars use a lot of concentrated flavours like Absinthe or Islay Whiskey in their cocktails and many also make their own ingredients, such as simple syrups, infusions or complicated bitters. And all ingredients need to be within hands reach. Using small bottles or small flasks from the Libbey LAB line allows bartenders to have more flavours at their disposal without sacrificing too much workspace.

Nice to know:

Did you know back in the days of the Prohibition people had to collect their doctor’s prescription

at their pharmacy? And most of these pharmacies had a bar called “soda fountain” where they mixed

prescriptions into a soda for clients to have inside the pharmacy.

DIY: Create drinks that get the guests involved.

There will always be guests who think they know the art of cocktail making better than the bartender does. Serve them a delicious cocktail with the opportunity to alter the drink or apply the finishing

touch themselves. It will make them feel they’re in charge and increase their connection to the drink; the cocktail truly becomes theirs.

Nice to know:

Did you know when people DIY (do-it-yourself) with the help of good instructions, they get curious

for more. This is because they’ll understand the different elements of the drink a lot better. If the end

result is good, your guests will be at your bar asking for more.

Regular serving: Dress your drinks to impress.

A great glass makes a drink stand out, probably even better than a great garnish. With the LAB/Pharmacy glassware theme you give your bar, menu, cocktails or mixers another dimension instantly. Bartenders won’t find it hard to be creative and easily give their drinks the “wow” or “look at that” factor the guests are expecting.

Nice to know: Around 1830 the New Orleans, pharmacist Antoine Amédée Peychaud already used specific glassware for his drinks in his pharmacy. He called his signature drink the Sazerac. It was made with Cognac and his own “Peychaud’s bitter” and was served in a drinking vessel called a “coquetier”, French for an eggcup.

Stashing up: Please your guests with a double serve.

All bartenders must have had a guest that said: a shame that drink comes in such a small glass or can I have that drink in a taller glass? While some drinks wouldn’t work in a bigger glass or the bar simply

doesn’t stock taller glasses, serving a small bottle that also holds the drink aside the cocktail should do the trick. People can enjoy the cocktail longer and have the benefit of not having to wait for the next one to be made.

Nice to know:

Serving two drinks at once could make your guests drink faster. Therefore supplying them with a glass of water and ensuring plenty of refills isn’t a bad idea. Drinking water not only slows down the alcohol consumption, it also clears the palate. Think of it as an additional service to your guests and a good excuse to check up on them when topping up their empty water glasses.