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“Presentation is important to businesses in the hospitality industry. That is also the reason why we like using glassware when serving coffee to guests”

Jeroen Veldkamp, founder of CoffeeLab.

Coffee Watcher

I get excited about coffee every day. It’s not so much the product itself. Some of my colleagues are much more well-versed in that than I am. No, for me it’s more the last few minutes of the coffee. Because however well the product grows and flourishes, and however well the coffee roaster does his best, it’s the last minute that makes the difference. Grinding, measuring out, extracting, frothing the milk, pouring and then presenting: especially that is what we like to do at CoffeeLab. Because we love hotels, restaurants and cafés, we understand that presentation is important to businesses in the hospitality industry. That is also the reason why we like using glassware when serving coffee to guests.

Traditionally, porcelain has been the preferred choice when serving coffee. But because we think that coffee is increasingly becoming a lifestyle product, we are adopting glass more and more, especially for new methods of preparation. Traditional drinks from Southern Europe, for instance, just call out for a good glass. They have to be seen. And let’s not forget Cold Brew coffee. It is filtered so slowly and so beautifully that it is almost a sin not to serve it in a lovely glass.

I’ve described a few inspiring ways of preparing coffee and put them in this booklet for you. To make it easy, I’ve already picked out the most appropriate glasses. These methods of preparation will ensure that your coffee menu is completely up to date for quite some time to come. And you can bet that your guests will appreciate that!


TIP: For extra safety and profitability, always pre-heat glasses with hot water when pouring hot drinks.

The perfect glasses for your Café Bon Bon

How To Make A Café Bon Bon?

“This is something I drank a lot in Madrid: a very simple signature drink. Two ingredients: condensed milk and a perfect espresso.”

Barista tools – coffee machine:

Your coffee machine is your friend. If you cherish it and maintain it well, it will ensure that the water is pressed through the coffee at a consistent temperature. That sounds simple, but it is an indispensable tool. And the steam pipes are of course also essential for frothing the milk.

The perfect glasses for your Affogato

How To Make An Affogato?

“The most delicious and simplest iced coffee. A lovely traditional Italian drink. Just vanilla ice cream and a perfect espresso.”

Barista tools – milk:

Milk is an important ingredient in many methods of preparation. Combining protein, carbohydrates and fat with the right frothing technique produces marvellous micro foam: frothed milk without visible air bubbles. Fresh full cream milk produces the best results.

The perfect glasses for your Cold Brew

How To Make A Cold Brew?

Filter coffee that needs to steep in cold water for seven hours to extract its flavour. The result is

astonishingly refreshing and mild.

Barista tools – grinder:

The grinder is the most important. It is used to grind the coffee to the right fineness so that the water runs through the coffee precisely long enough. This is the way to get only the best flavours into your cup.

The perfect glasses for your Coffee Cocktail

How to make a Coffee Cocktail

I love the Espresso Martini. A true classic. What you need is 1 part espresso, 1 part vodka, ½ part Tia Maria, 1/4 part sugar water.


Coffee preferences are very personal. A nice dark roasted mélange for espresso or a light blend for filter coffee. There are also excellent single estate coffees available