Libbey is proud to introduce the Levitas and Esperanto low stem glassware that takes us right back to the fundamentals, with the drink itself at the heart of the experience. The recent counter-trend of delivering minimalist drinks in classic cocktail glasses is one that Libbey celebrates. As the experts say, you can’t go wrong with a classic cocktail!

Libbey EMEA, Portugal (September 23rd th, 2019): The cocktail scene has long been an essential feature of the world’s major cities and hotspots. And now it’s conquering smaller towns, sleepy backwaters, and even people’s homes.

As social media drives a trend towards increasingly peculiar and wonderful cocktail experiences, more and more bars are creating cocktails involving extravagant ‘new’ recipes, unusual glassware and lavish garnishes. So, it’s good to see that lately bartenders and bars around the world are refocusing on the essence and history of the cocktails they serve. Reverting back to the fundamentals by keeping the drink itself at the heart of the experience.

This counter-trend is one that Libbey celebrates. After all, we were one of the glassware companies at the birth of the cocktail and today continue to develop designs inspired by that rich tradition.

Meet Libbey’s new classic stemware ranges:


Levitas gets its name from the Esperanto word for floating and is glassware in its purest form. The simple yet elegant bowls sit on top a short stem to make an impact on whichever drink you choose to serve in them.

This range features Libbey’s Finesse Laser Cut Rim finish, an after process which results in a very fine polished rim. Levitas fits a trend spotted among the leading cocktail bars around the world. Producers of spirits, syrups, and mixers continuously push themselves to create the purest of products. The bartenders mixing these into carefully crafted cocktails achieve delicate flavour balances often finished with a simple garnish, or served on hand-cut clear ice blocks. Levitas with its versatility is the ultimate glass for these kinds of drinks.

Esperanto is the new short-stemmed range of tulip-shaped glassware, which is well-known for bringing out a drink’s flavors. This range can be used for multiple drinks and cocktails. The name Esperanto was inspired by the 19th Century universal second language created by L.L. Zamenhof, who hoped it would contribute to global peace and understanding.

Esperanto’s smaller capacities are perfect for spirits, liqueurs, and water. The intermediate for wines, fortified wines, and sodas. The middle-to-high capacities best suit beers and many cocktails. Last but not least, the smallest Esperanto glasses work wonderfully as taster glasses, ideal for people who want to share their drinking impressions in the universal language of bonhomie and good taste. They all have a short stem, raising not only your beverage services but your presentations too.

With the Esperanto and Levitas ranges, Libbey introduces simple and versatile stemware.
Visit Libbey Glass Europe’s website and check out the new Classic leaflet, in which we pay homage to the stylish recipes and elegant glass designs that have made the cocktail what it is today. It’s time to go back to basics! Cheers!

Both ranges are now available and can be found in boxes of 12 items/ each.